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The Firm Power Half Hour


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This is a fast paced, thirty minute workout that combines strength training and cardio. There was a warm up (about 4 minutes); separated strength and cardio intervals: first strength, then first cardio, then second strength, then second cardio (of about 5 minutes each totaling 20 minutes, making up the meat of the workout); a quick standing ab routine and plank work following the final cardio segment (about 3 minutes-no poundage used here); and a final cool down/stretch (about 4 minutes).,

Claim: Complete workout in thirty minutes.  Visible results in ten workouts.  



Level of difficulty: Intermediate.  It took four workouts for me to finally get through the workout without stumbling.  By the time I got to the eighth workout, I finally got the hang of it.  I was completely drenched with sweat at the end of every session. I was glad to see the timer hit twenty minutes because that signaled that the end was near.  


Recommendation: I would recommend it only if you are used to exercising. The cardio sessions move at a fast pace and are somewhat difficult to keep up with.  The results are worth the effort.  I had a lot of energy and began to see some muscle definition in my arms.    


Beginning Stats:      Ending Stats:                    

    Weight: 242          Weight: 235

    Arms: 15                Arms:  15                                

    Bust: 45                 Bust: 44

    Waist: 44               Waist: 43

    Hips: 51                 Hips:  48 

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My name is Angelia Mullins.  I'm a teacher, mother of three, and a health enthusiast.  Going into my old age with a healthy mind, body, and spirit is my goal.  I hope to create an environment for others who want to do the same.   
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